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  • The Returning Terror of Remjin Teller (2010/2011) work in progress
  • Forces of Light (2009)
  • The Silver Bird (2006)
  • The Might of the Shining Beast (2005)
  • The Story of Kubra (2004)
  • The Structure (2003)
  • Bloodrunning (2002)

Treat the cameras well and they will return the favour

Look below for regular postings of a technical nature relating to Media Studies

My base is the Central Resources office next to the staff room. This is where you will find me when I am not in F6 during your media lesson. Most media equipment booking will take place in here whether you are booking a camcorder for an extended period or a stills camera for a short time or the boom mic for an outdoor shoot, all equipment will need to be signed for and loaned out from this room

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Reminder for A2 students - booking technical help for coursework re-submission

Whatever kind of help you may need, whether it's a tutorial on Final Cut Express or booking out sound equipment, you must book that time in advance.  Please see me in lesson time or come to the Central Resources office during break, lesson times or your free periods and note that lunchtime is not an appropriate time.  I am willing to book lunchtime slots to provide support but that must be well in advance 

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